Liaoning Luzhida Technology Co., Ltd.
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1YRSLiaoning Luzhida Technology Co., Ltd.

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Liaoning Lu Zhi Da Technology Co., Ltd.For over twenty years, we have been focusing solely on automotive paint and industrial surface coatings, providing customers with suitable products and efficient construction solutions.Why choose us:- We offer products and technical support for various industries, including automotive, high-speed trains, airplanes, defense equipment, bridges, and buildings.- We maintain excellent partnerships with more than a dozen internationally renowned coating, tool, and research companies, such as PPG, Akzo Nobel, DuPont, Bayer, BASF, 3M, German Dolphin, FESTOOL, Mirka, SATA, DeVilbiss, Henkel, and British Farecla, covering all high-end fields.- We are proponents, promoters, explorers, and innovators of the national industry. Actively collaborating with China's most powerful coating manufacturers, we develop and customize products that better suit the market, allowing customers to pursue outstanding products.- Our automotive paint brand, Dobet, is the best-selling single product brand in China. Our advertising paint brand, Bide, is the number one brand for advertising signage coatings in China and the only brand listed on CCTV in the advertising paint industry. "FIX" is the only designated brand for 4S stores in China.- We abandon the "three lows" of low price, low quality, and low service, and pursue the "four highs" of high quality, high efficiency, high innovation, and high cost-effectiveness. We use quality, technology, and service to drive industry upgrades.Our Services and Advantages:- We have a sales and service network covering the entire Northeast region of China.- We have established the largest warehousing center in Northeast China, providing customers with efficient and timely experiences.- With an open attitude, we absorb, learn, and share industry experiences to jointly create new rules in the industry.- We approach every customer with awe and gratitude, offering tailored products and technical support, ensuring peace of mind and efficiency.- We apologize for not having someone as outstanding as you join us, even though we have put in so much effort. We are ready to collaborate with you and create a brilliant future together.
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Liaoning, China
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5 - 10 People
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